The Evolution of Dating with Gen X and Y

Why do we date?

Why must we propel ourselves through this painstaking ritual?

They say dating is a numbers game. I don’t think that’s true because if so, I’d be happilyme_table_cloth married now. Or at least married. Or at least married and divorced.

To quantify my dates, well that would break a calculator. To qualify them, well that’s a lot more easily trackable. That is what I’ll set out to do.

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince (or princess).
I can testify to that.

In my generation we’ve see the foundation of dating move from:

• making connections at awkward school dances and parties to
• work happy hours and friends’ mixers to
• posting ads on Craigslist and the
• launch of and other similar dating sites

Now we’re mixed up in a world where we simultaneously have at least two online dating profiles, attend speed dating events, join singles clubs and Meetups and are hesitant but willing to try apps like tinder.

The frogs are a plenty. Princes and princesses are few.

It’s exhausting! And yet we power on. I power on.

We don’t want to be alone. The crazy part is we’re more isolated now that we ever have been.

Could you imagine if June Cleaver had an online dating profile? Surely she wouldn’t be with Ward! She’d have had her in box cluttered with winks and likes and emails from suitors proclaiming they don’t believe in spending time on lots of emails and prefer to meet for a drink after one or two exchanges.

Thus starts the dating ADD. And herein may lie the problem. We have too many options. It’s too easy to not get invested. It’s too tempting to move on.

How do we know we didn’t turn down “the one” because we thought their voice was funny or they happened to have a pimple on their nose that day? In a numbers game, “the one” is always another one… or another one… or another.

How do you feel about the dating scene today? I’d love to hear from you! Please reply in the comment section below.