If Dating Were a Country Song

Lately, I’ve been listening to country music in the mornings. I find myself smiling and dancing around as I get ready for the day.

I know country isn’t everyone’s forte. My mom was a country fan and I spent a part of my life living in the country in Florida. I’m fond of saying, “you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.” Every once in a while I tap in. I kick my heels up and embrace the simplicity of a country song.

Today as I listened to the lyrics, I honed in on some pattern country song topics:

  • Trucks
  • Hot days or hot nights
  • Jeans
  • Dancing or driving

I got to thinking, what if dating were like country music? Wouldn’t it be so much simpler? Definitely it would be more fun.

Let me give some examples. All of the topics above can paint a scenario in any number of derivatives.

Scenario #1
It’s a sweltering night and a guy pulls his truck up to an outdoor bar where a band is playing and the dance floor is jumping. A hard working girl at the bar sees he’s looking like he just put in a long day’s work and hands him a beer. He winks at her and accepts the beer, takes a swig then holds out his hand and whisks her away to the dance floor. Their jeans swish together as they sway closely and dance the night away.

Scenario #2
It’s a summer day and two co-workers, a guy and a girl, clock out of their grocery store clerk jobs. They step outside and she rolls up her jeans to get on her bike. He looks at her as he takes off his work shirt and throws it in the back of his truck along with the beer he’d bought from their store. He grabs a fresh t-shirt then thinks to offer her a ride. She looks up from unlocking her bike and accepts and he happily lifts her bike into the truck bed. They drive together with the windows down on a country road. They laugh and sing to the radio and throw their hands out the window. She points to a lake and he abruptly pulls in, taking the dirt road to lakeside. They jump out and he pops open some beers, then they sit together on the fold out truck bed, admiring the view as he puts his arm around her.

Easy, right?

If dating were a country song, we’d all acknowledge what we’re really looking for and act on it. We want good weather, we want fun and adventure, we want our thirst quenched, we want the comfort of a pair of jeans and most of all, we want companionship that is accepting and reassuring.

What do you think of country music lyrics? Can you relate or not at all? Maybe you’re into other genres… how does what you listen to relate to your love life? I’d love to hear from you! Please reply in the comment section below.