The Great Holiday Décor Debate

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who take down their Christmas decorations in a timely manner, and those who do not. Whichever side of the holiday divide you fall on, you stay true to it. You have your system, or lack there of. Chances are, you follow in the footsteps of your parents’ tradition. It’s how you were raised.christmas_decor_debate

For those of us on the taking down in a timely fashion category, it can be quite disturbing to see holiday lights and trees still decorated in windows when the calendar turns to January, and much worse, February and beyond.

On the other hand, those who cling to their holiday décor well past the holiday itself, tend to fall into a few categories themselves:

  • Blissfully unaware of details
  • Busy, busy, busy
  • Romantically attached to the holidays
  • Borderline hoarder

Those Who Cling to Their Holiday Décor

Blissfully unaware of details

Those of us who hang out here tend to be the same people who could really care less whether our homes are decorated or not. We paid for something, we transported it, we gave it a space and there it will live. We don’t think much more about it day to day.

Busy, busy, busy

If you fall under this niche, your calendar is so full, it’s a wonder you had time to get a tree and decorate in the first place. Maybe your girlfriend did it for you. And now you’re stuck with this burden. Well, it can wait because you have more important things to do. And so your neighbors will suffer the monstrosity on into Easter.

Romantically attached to the holidays

If this is you, most likely, you decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. You couldn’t wait to bring out all those boxes from the basement and get to work transforming your home into your own bubble of holiday headquarters. You have a miniature Dickens town on your mantle and Santa towels in the bathroom. You delve into all the holiday movies, especially the romantic ones, and cling onto the romance of the season well beyond the date itself. You have a deep attachment to the scene you’ve built and deep down you’re afraid if it goes away, so will your happiness.

Borderline hoarder

On the extreme end of those clinging onto their holiday décor, the borderline hoarder’s home may also consist of multiple collections of things from Snoopy to Star Wars to sports paraphernalia, this home is a clusterfuck of stuff, wall to wall and there is barely any floor space to be found. There is no way this home is ever going to be purged so you might as well leave the Christmas decorations up year round!

Those Who Take Down Their Holiday Décor
in a Timely Manner

Back to the other end of the spectrum, those who take down their holiday décor in a timely manner often insult those that cling to theirs. Some of us are appalled at the once loved Christmas trees discarded as early as a day after Christmas, so sad and lonely now naked and brown at the curbside. Chances are many a dog has marked the discarded emblem of holiday cheer already.

These are the punctual people. The organized ones. Every ornament is perfectly placed. Trees often have color themes. These are the people who host the parties, the carol nights, and are the go-to destination for family flying in. They welcome guests from the cling-to category and often find humor and ease in their counterparts on these celebratory nights.

Divided as we might be, we continue to coexist holiday season after holiday season much as our forefathers did whether our calendars have 12 days of Christmas or 12 months of Christmas. And so it is, and so it will be.

Stay tuned for next month’s installment, those who still have pumpkins on their porches and it’s FRIGGIN FEBRUARY!!!

Which category do you fall in? I’d love to hear from you. Please reply in the comment section below.