me_big_sur_lookoutHow did I get here?

I often ask myself that question. OFTEN. Through a series of hiccups, bumps and forks in the road, one thing I know is I typically take the road less traveled. This hasn’t made things any easier in my life but it certainly has made it an ADVENTURE.

I have a wacky family that has supported me throughout my misadventures. With the exception of my mother, whom I loved immensely but lost when I was 32, we all get together often and laugh and joke and love.

I have been a bit of a black sheep. I first sought higher education, then a career, then abandoned that to get lost and found in traveling.

I later surrounded myself with dogs, dog lovers and a WHOLE LOT of CRAZY, building a successful dog walking and pet sitting business in San Francisco.

I moved on to Santa Cruz where I continue my soul searching, self-berating quest for love and work that will inspire for life.

I’ll attempt to chronicle this and more in my blog.
Yours humbly,